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Here’s where you’ll find information about the impact of sequestration on federal funding for the IDEA.

Unless Congress acts, sequestration will take effect on March 1, 2013. It could mean a reduction of $1,053,600,000 to IDEA Part B, section 611 (support for special education for students with disabilities ages 6-21) and $33,910,000 to IDEA Part B, section 619 (support for preschool programs for students with disabilities ages 3-5).

So find out what sequestration involves, how it will affect federal funding for your state, and what you can do to avert these devastating cuts to IDEA funding!

How to Help End Sequestration

Send your message to Congress! Tell Congress to avoid sequestration and protect education funding:

Use Contacting the Congress to find your members and send your message.

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